Borealis - Phish Festival 2009!

02 November 2009

When Architen Lighting was approached to design, manufacture and install an LED mesh to cover a blimp which was going to hover over the crowd at California’s Phish Festival 2009, we were surprised to say the least!

The unique structure called the Borealis but nicknamed the Burple or Burble by onlookers is helium filled balloon clad entirely in LED lighting. The impressive structure was floated above the crowds with pre-programmed LED lighting patterns flashing across its surface in a multitude of patterns. Architen Lighting worked with the designer Hector Serrano Studios to bring to life the unusual scheme which Hector had envisioned.

Architen Lighting’s Project Manager, Christopher Rowell comments “Nothing quite like the Borealis has ever been created before and we had little time to test it out before the night so we’re thrilled with the results. Hours of manufacture and development were carried out in the Architen Landrell factory in the UK in the weeks running up to the event but nothing could quite have prepared us for the overall effect!”.

The Burble made an unusual addition to the set and one that has set Phish fans buzzing. Youtube commentators have referred to it as ‘sick’, ‘awesome’ and ‘the next level’ of concert art!

Click here for the Phish Burple Video!